Boston Design Week :: Branding with KMID & Wayfair


Last year I made the decision to hire a marketing professional as a part of my design team.  Having gone to school for business marketing, I always knew the importance of this piece of the business and I was finally in a spot to make this a real investment.

Kelley came on board with a fresh eye on all of our existing online platforms and marketing collateral. She assessed everything we had and then sat our team down asking us to describe our business in a word dump exercise.  Although marketing has always been an initiative for us in the 10 plus years we’ve been in business, we had never thought of ourselves as a brand. This exercise really helped me look at my business in a new light and put together a thoughtful, curated description of who we are and who we aspire to be as a design firm.

This exercise also sparked a larger conversation. Now that we know who we are and how best to describe ourselves, does that message read across all mediums we populate; the website, the blog, social media, printed collateral, etc.? NO!  Now I had an even larger project to tackle!

We attended a Design Salon panel where Jessica Maniatis Sutton of JSGD spoke about the importance of social media and SEO for designers.  Jessica owns and operates a unique graphic design firm specializes in branding, web development and graphic design all under one roof. She is smart, chic, confident and the perfect hire to redesign our website. We could not be happier with the finished product.

After a few months of operating with our shiny new tools,  I was approached by Wayfair to be a keynote speaker at their event held for Boston Design Week. Check out some photos from the event below!

KMID_Wayfair_Boston Interior Design

KMID_Wayfair_Boston Interior Design

KMID_Wayfair_Boston Interior Design

Wayfair_KMID_Boston Interior Design