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Chairish_BlogImage Those of you following along on the blog may have seen that our “Design Insider Guide” with Chairish was published yesterday! Also, if you’re signed up for the Chairish newsletter, you may have stumbled upon us in your inbox {wink}. I’m happy to say quite a few of the pieces have already been sold since then so hurry on over and take a peak before they’re gone!

Before our collection was launched, I sat down with Chairish to answer a few questions about what makes KMID tick. While some of my answers made it onto the post, I wanted to share the full interview and give you the inside scoop on some of my inspirations and favorite spots around town. Enjoy!

1. What do you love about designing with vintage decor?
I always express to my clients that my goal is to design a space that speaks to their personal aesthetic. Each piece should feel collected over time rather than a total overhaul from a hired designer. Using vintage décor is key to curating a space that feels authentic.

 2. What are you most inspired by right now? (i.e. color palettes, materials, designers)
I’m feeling a “back to basics” movement happening around me. Clients want spaces that function properly and designs that work with their daily lives. It sounds simple but stripping design down to the basics helps me to take a step back and really design spaces with a purpose that reflects the personality and lifestyle of our clients. This challenge is what gets me up in the morning and ready to create spaces for people to live their lives in comfortably.


3. What is your golden design rule?
There are no rules.

 4. Trend you hope never makes a comeback?
By nature I don’t tend to like trends. I don’t know why but they have always seemed too mainstream for me. By the time they become a “trend”, they have been used too much and there isn’t anything interesting left. Chevron and animal prints are probably the two that stand out to me. I’m just not a fan.

5. What’s your dream project?
I would absolutely love to design a boutique hotel. The idea of designing individual rooms that can all live on their own but be part of a larger collection would be such a fun challenge. Plus the risks you can take on a project like this would really get the creative juices flowing!

 6. Space you can’t get out of your mind?
I just finished designing my oldest daughter’s bedroom and I love it. She was ready for a “big girl room” when her little sister arrived in September. I wanted her room to work for her now but also grow with her. She has an antique Victorian pine bed that works perfectly with the antique dresser I inherited from my great grandparents. We freshened things up with a modern rug, ivory and orange floral curtains and a dusty pink wall color ties it all together. We salvaged the glass and brass antique chandelier from the dining room of our home during renovation and it casts the softest light when we cuddle up for books at bedtime.


7. What is your favorite neighborhood restaurant (and what do you like to order there)?
We’re fortunate enough to live in a place where there are countless options…Highland Kitchen {right near our new office}, Cuchi Cuchi {tapas AND a fabulous interior} or Giulia’s near Harvard Square {for date night} are all favorites. We’re also lucky to have Rudy’s Cafe right down the road for when I need a Mexican fix and their fish tacos and Horny Toad margarita fit the bill every time.

 8. Who is your go-to florist?
Krissy Price of Boston Pollen has the most amazing way of creating magic with her floral arrangements.  I love collaborating with her for my photoshoots because her textural approach is a perfect match for my interiors. Not to mention her flower crowns that are irresistible! I’ve been known to rock one of those when hosting my annual holiday party {wink}.


9. Where is your best local perch for people watching?
I grew up in Holliston so every year for the Boston Marathon my family makes it a point to be home to cheer on the runners. The sheer number of people running always amazes me! Not to mention how many are running for a loved one or a special charity. This year will be particularly special because our senior designer, Thiara Borges, will be running to support Housing Families, Inc. So inspiring!

10. Vice you will never give up?
Brimfield for sure! It’s like a magnet pulling me to Western Massachusetts three times a year. Even if I don’t need a thing I always leave there with something I just have to have. I’m addicted! Antique collecting at this show has become my secret weapon when designing for my clients. It helps me to ensure the “collected” look I long for when putting the finishing touches on a space.

You can check out the full collection here and read more about the pieces in yesterday’s blog post- make sure to let me know what you think!

Design is everywhere. Be Inspired!


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