Just For Fun :: 19th Century Summer Camp Renovation


One of the best parts about vacation is finally getting the time to sit back, relax, and flip through those magazines that have been stacking up on my desk. As I was perusing Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, etc., I found myself continuously inspired by the work others are creating. Taking off for a little vacation was exactly what I needed to hit the reset button for spring. It always helps to step back and gain perspective, returning home with fresh eyes and mind. I’m excited about all of the amazing projects we are working on right now and can’t wait to see them all come to fruition in the coming months.

As I was looking through Elle Decor, I stumbled upon this project that is just too good not to share. This Manhattan couple found this abandoned 19th century summer camp (I mean come on) kind of on a whim. They loved the bones and saw the infinite potential, so they took the plunge. And boy are us design-lovers glad they did! Lets take a little tour shall we?


I love the mix of traditional and eclectic here. All of these spaces are designed and styled to perfection. The designer, Rita Konig, used pieces with classic lines mixed with fun, personality-packed elements. I also love love love these blinds by Joss Graham and am itching to use them in some of my upcoming projects.

I love all of the paint choices in this home. Konig struck the perfect balance between dark, jewel tones in some spaces and fresh white in others. Also…that gallery wall is perfection!


This wallpaper by Pierre Frey is so classic and clean- perfect for this light-filled space.


The homeowners hired Gil Schafer of Gil Schafer Architecture to help with all of the architectural changes to the home. All of the details throughout the project are so thoughtful and you can see it in the quality of the work. Gil commented that almost everything that looks old and original to the building, is actually new. Details like the irregular gaps in the floorboards (which were newly installed) were carefully made to look original and really make the space sing.


This paint color, Black-Blue #95, by Farrow & Ball is gorgeous. It’s so rich and transforms this space into something that is dramatic and special. I’m dying to use this somewhere and will have to keep it in mind…



The flooring here is really interesting. Painting a checkerboard pattern on this rustic wood mixes the farmhouse feel with something more graphic and visually interesting. Also, I love Hugo Guiness‘ work and this print is perfect for this space.



This stunning patio is the conclusion to our little tour. And come on, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade sitting on that wicker set?!

I hope this home inspires you as much as it did me, and that it reminds you to leave room for serendipity, like these homeowners did. Renovations are hard work, but the results are well worth it in the end!

Design is everwhere. Be Inspired.


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