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In case you missed all of the buzz- last Sunday was the 88th Academy Awards. With the kiddos in bed, there’s no better way to end the weekend than curled up on the couch with a glass of wine in hand, watching the Oscars. Although the awards are the main event, the two hours of red carpet are really my sweet spot ;).

I love that the Oscars are such a movie-star event in terms of fashion. The celebrities really bring their A-game and dress like, well, movie stars. This is their time to whip out the big, bold, dramatic, risk taking, avant-garde looks and I love it. This year was all about color and sequence- two things I can definitely get behind on the red carpet.

Since we’re interiors people around here- we pretty much automatically see our favorite looks translated into rooms {we’re a funny bunch, I know}. Here are a few of my favorite red carpet looks paired with their equally as gorgeous interior design counter parts…

Cate Blanchett


Seafoam green is a color I would never expect to like on the red carpet. But this gown, and the fact that it’s worn by the beautiful Cate Blanchett, hit some unknown haute couture sweet spot that is just stunning. This color is equally as difficult to pull off in interiors- but I love the shade that was chosen for these cabinets. I like the sculptural quality of the floral appliqués on Cate’s dress, and they partner up nicely with the sweet little gold bird sculpture in this office nook.

Margot Robbie


This dress is glam to the max! Robbie looked like a high fashion version of the Oscar statue itself in the best way possible. Paired with this uber-chic kitchen design with gold cabinets, these two looks are all about drama and glamour. I also love that she kept her hair relaxed and natural looking so as not to overdo it.

Julianne Moore


Ahh Julianne Moore- you can do no wrong! This gown is a departure from her usual jewel tone, sequence gowns (not that we don’t love those too). I love that the silhouette is traditional and classic, with some modern touches in the beaded details. This room does the same thing perfectly. Although it’s a traditional space, the black and white color palette and modern elements like the chandelier- add edge and sophistication.

Alicia Vikander


I love that everyone is comparing Alicia’s look to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She really did look like a princess. Again, I love the traditional silhouette with more modern details like the half bun hairdo. Although it’s hard to read in the photo, the dress wasn’t a flat yellow but sort of a dusty color, which I loved. Just like with clothing, yellow is a hard color to pull off in interiors. But these couches {in that same dusty yellow hue} paired with a modern gallery wall and sparkly chandelier are a no brainer.

Charlize Theron


This red has some slight orange undertones that really make it pop and stand out. I absolutely love this color on Charlize and the styling was to perfection. The gorgeous diamond necklace hit at just the right spot, and her hair was old Hollywood glam. I love love love a pop of red in a room. It’s fun and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously! This bright poppy chest absolutely makes this entry nook- which would otherwise fade to the background.

Design is Everywhere. Be Inspired.

{Oscar outfit images via: Harpers Bazaar}


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